Paint to be splattered on the west lawn

By Bethany Wittmeyer

The Art Club, in conjunction with WFCF, is hosting a student-created, Pollock-style painting event on campus distress day — Wednesday, April 12. The event is open to all students.

The Art Club is purchasing a very large canvas that will be opened to the artistic expression of student’s personal rendition of a Pollock-style painting — when the paint brush is dipped into paint and then splattered onto the canvas to create abstract expressions of art.

“We wanted to do a Pollock style painting because everyone can participate,” said Heather Smith, a member of the club hosting the event.

The purpose is to help students to relieve a little stress while contributing to a meaningful piece of art work.

“We are hoping to hang the painting,” she said. “A few of the possibilities are the new student center, Molly’s, or in the Art Department somewhere.”

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