Moser uses grant to premiere art show, influence students

By Melissa Liscom

As Patrick Moser prepared for his upcoming art show in March in the Carrera art gallery, he was reminded why he was able to finance this show. Moser is a key member of the faculty in the Liberal Arts program.

In August 2004, Dean of Academic Affairs Paula Miller told the faculty about the Beulah Kahler College fund. She said that beginning the 2004-2005 academic year, qualified full-time faculty working under the Liberal Arts department would be eligible for a small grant stemming from the Beulah Kahler College Fund. This same fund has also made a substantial contribution to the renovation of the art building and established an endowed library fund.

Patrick Moser was the first member of the faculty to receive a grant from the Beulah Kahler Fund. Moser said that he felt honored to be the first person at Flagler College to receive this grant. Moser said, “The grant has given me the time and resources to pursue my work.”

The goal of the grant is to improve the teaching by bringing the professor closer to their subject. Connie Wilkerson, a fine arts major and a future student of Moser, said, “It’ll be great to go to the show to see what my future teacher’s work look’s like.”

When asked if he felt this would improve how he teaches his subject, Moser said, “Yes, primarily because when I am involved in my own work that energy and curiosity feeds directly into the classroom. The subject is drawing or more specifically seeing, that’s what drawing classes are about is teaching students how to see.”

In the end the Beulah Kahler Fund is all about inspiring the students.

“I hope they are inspired by the work and the commitment,” Moser said, “I think independent research is one of the primary forces for every teacher. If our job is to cultivate intellectual curiosity then it is necessary to maintain it in our own lives.”

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