Flagler trainer has the cure for what ails

Crozier has fun helping Saints athletes get back in the game

By Jessica Echterling

At most Flagler College sporting events, a petite brunette can be noticed sitting on almost every sideline. Jen Crozier from Rebound Rehab is always ready to take care of any needs Flagler athletes may have, whether it’s an ankle wrap, a bloody nose, or some icy-hot for a tight muscle.

Crozier is a 24-year-old University of North Florida (UNF) graduate who has been working at Rebound and with Flagler athletes for nearly two years. While she was in the athletic training program at UNF, she worked with athletes from UNF and Jacksonville University, as well as several Jacksonville high schools.

At Flagler, Crozier attends all home soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and tennis matches, along with taking care of the golf and cross country teams.

“It’s fun to know that every day is a different day. I love being involved on and off the field,” Crozier said. “Watching the athletes work through injuries and have a successful recovery makes it all worth it.”

With all of the teams Crozier works with at Flagler she frequently has events on nights and weekends in addition to her 40-hour weeks.

“I’m looking forward to summer vacation for the time off after a full work week, but in the end I really miss seeing everyone,” she said.

The athletes at Flagler also have taken a liking to her.

“She helps me get through the season and takes really good care of my arm, not to mention she’s a pleasure to be around,” senior Barry Cressley said.

So what is Crozier’s favorite team? “I can’t say that. All I can say is that I really enjoy the outdoor sports because I love to be outside,” she said.

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