Conservatory shows April 12-15

‘Honest Lies’ takes Flagler second stage to showcase seniors

By Rachel Manring
Photo by Andrea Huls

Interested in time travel, realizations over television and beef stroganoff and adventures with Sherlock Holmes? Look no further than this year’s Flagler College senior conservatory shows. The seven student-directed single act plays, which run from April 12-15 on alternating nights (tickets are $5), feature different story lines all brought together under the title of “Honest Lies.”

April 12 and 14 will feature the following productions:

– “Mary Agnes is 35,” directed by Amy Brackett. A couple, during a drunken debate, reveal their own identities, where he is bent on seduction and she is determined to preserve her honor. The argument results in a struggle through their past and the brutal honesty of self discovery.

– “The Last of Sherlock Holmes,” directed by Suzi Hawks-Souliere. A satire that plays on the friendship of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson by exaggerating Holmes’ pompous attitude and ego, allowing him to be foiled by Professor Moriarty.

– “The Love Talker,” directed by Erica Poulsen. A drama which unfolds as a young woman struggles to free her sister from the tricks and seductions of the wild spirits in the woods and finds herself in a hopeless battle against the secret primitive desires which live inside each of us.

April 13 and 15 will feature the following productions:

– “Do Over,” directed by Stephanie Ackley. A romantic comedy about a man who travels back in time; coming face to face with the woman who changes his future forever, giving her the decision to take their fate into her own hands.”

– “I Didn’t Know You Could Cook,” directed by Laura Dewey. A touching comical story about a paraplegic man’s search for acceptance from his older brother and himself.

– “A Stunning Confession,” directed by Steven R.J. Hawkes. A British comedy which depicts a married couple’s muted relationship based around television and beef stroganoff. They come to realize that their marriage is lacking honesty and communication.”

– “The Bushesteia,” directed by Eddie Darcel. A political satire in Greek tragedy format that pokes fun at President Bush and the flight he faces to secure Floridian votes on the eve of the 2004 election.”

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