Cadillacs ride home with title

Underdog team pulls off big flag football upset

By Shannon Ryan

As the season came to a close last month for Flagler’s intramural flag football, the remaining teams had just one thing on their minds — a championship.

After a season of injuries and upsets of some of the highly rated teams, the Cadillacs managed to come out on top

The bumpy road the Cadillacs traveled was in no way smooth sailing. Pinned as the underdog throughout the season, the Cadillacs caught some lucky breaks. The first came when the highly favored Team Black’s captain, Justin Black, suffered a severe foot injury early in the season.

The Cadillacs then managed to take down the other favorite, the Evil Empire, in the playoffs pulling out a 20-19 victory to send senior Tom Givas and company off on a sour note. The win secured the Cadillacs a spot in the championship semifinal.

The Cadillacs headed into their playoff game against Team Chasanoff, already worn out from a softball game.

The Cadillacs maintained a steady lead, and when a penalty was called against Team Chasanoff in the final two minutes, it secured the Cadillacs a 17-11 win.

The victory put the Cadillacs into the championship match up against Team Romano.

“We were pretty tired, worn out and bleeding” Cadillac team member Ben Wolfe said. But a few scrapes and cuts didn’t interfere with their desire for victory.

Team Romano scored on their first drive putting the Cadillacs in a hole. But the Cadillacs bounced back, scoring twice, giving them a lead that they maintained for the rest of the game, getting the 23-17 victory for the championship.

“We’ve been waiting two years for this and we finally got what we wanted — the championship T-shirt,” Captain Clinton Ismand said. “It’s all about the T-shirt.”

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