Ben Harper

Both Sides of the Gun

By Travis Burdick

It’s Ben frick’n Harper’s brand new album…honestly, what more of a review do you need? Ok…I guess I should write more about the album than that.

Admit it though, chances are if you are a Ben Harper fan that has not bought nor was aware of the new album release, you decided to buy it as soon as I mentioned that Ben Harper has a new album out. The album entitled Both Sides of the Gun was released on March 20 about three years after his last album, Diamonds on the Inside (2003).

Both Sides of the Gun is a one-disk album broke into two separate disks with nine songs on each. One disk brings forth a harder, gritty, nasty side of Harper’s music while the other taps more into the smooth, relaxed, softer side.

The album seems as if it was a little less produced than his last album. The track, “Please don’t talk about Murder While I’m Eating,” started as a dinner discussion and was turned into its final recording later that evening. The vocals on the track “Picture in a Frame” were recorded in one try straight through.

The album is truly a must for any Ben Harper fan. Or for any one who may like the combination of such genres as rock, folk, and blues. Read more about Ben Harper and the new album at Also be on the lookout for a summer tour Harper will be doing with reggae artist Damian Marley.

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