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Why don’t we have more photography classes?

By Heather N. Smith

Chris Smith, department chair of the art department, said the facilities cannot hold any more students. Ken Barrett, one of the two photography instructors at Flagler College, agreed with Smith.
“I don’t think the facilities would allow teaching any more classes,” he said. “Students wouldn’t have any time to work in the darkroom.”

The facilities for photography include a darkroom, equipped with 11 enlargers and a classroom that holds no more than 13 students.

“This semester we’re running five classes through the photography studio and those five classes prevent students from coming in and being able to spend a lot of time in the darkroom,” Barrett said.

“Smaller classes allow for better communication between students and professors,” he said.
In the last few years, Flagler College hired Theresa Segal to help expand the photography department. When Segal joined, a photojournalism course was added.

According to Barrett, this class was added to give communication majors who have no experience with fine art the opportunity to take a photography course.

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