Words from Reverend T

By Rev. Travis Brent Burdick

So it’s official, I am an ordained minister. From now on I will be known as the Reverend Travis Brent Burdick. I have my credentials of ministry from the Universal Life Church to prove it. What can I say; these are the type of things that happen when you have writer’s block and access to the Internet. What a hypnotizing place the Internet has become. I can take a class, print out a college degree, and become an ordained minister.

Speaking of interesting, that brings me to my topic this week. Movie soundtracks are one of the best ways around to expose oneself to new types of music. In the last column I asked to hear about some of your favorite soundtracks. There were, of course, a wide range of responses showing just how different our tastes can be. One thing we all seem to have in common, though, is the reason we love these soundtracks. Simply, the soundtrack of choice creates a feeling within someone which they enjoy. This just exemplifies how no one can be wrong in there choice of favorite music or soundtrack when it is truly a decision for the individual.

This of course is one of my teachings, being that I bare the title of Reverend now. Here are some of the various soundtracks I have heard of as being favored: Save the Last Dance, Garden State, The Graduate, Pulp fiction, Kill Bill 1&2, and Amelie.

I have a few personal favorites I hold close to heart, for instance; Reservoir Dogs, Desperado, Bringing out the Dead, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The soundtrack to From Dusk till Dawn brings back the craziest memories for me, mainly because I got rave reviews when I played songs from it during my time as a DJ in a Biker-Bikini Dance Bar in N. Jax. I especially love the Tito and Tarantula track, After Dark, from that soundtrack. So anyway, give a few of those films and soundtracks a try. You might find a whole new world of art.

As far as the local scene, check out Indie-Rock and Dance night at Club Fusion on Monday nights. It appears a few of your local peers are tired of the lack of events in this town for our age range, so they did something about it and started this event. Let’s show Justin Brozanski and Marc Stone some appreciation for their hard work and show up some time. Any comments please E-mail the Reverend T at tburdick@flagler.edu.

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