A look at life on the cross country team

By August Carriuolo |

I’ve always found a great sense of satisfaction when pushing myself beyond both my physical and mental limits. It’s that empowering sensation of accomplishment one experiences as they push through their own mental barriers on what’s possible and drive themselves further than they ever believed imaginable; only to then start over the next day and repeat the entire process, setting their sights on even higher goals and working harder each day to obtain them.

Pavements to Somewhere

By Alex Bonus

Photo by Nate Hill

I’ve crossed the finish line, but this crowd is unfamiliar.   My surroundings, unexpected.  Until now, it was a place I’d only dreamt about, and this is not what I predicted.

My cross-country season is over.  Practices have ceased.  My races are done.  Like so many other senior athletes — and like generations of athletes who have come before me — my status as a student-athlete has effectively come to an end.

I’ve wondered about this day for years.  How I would feel?  How I would cope?  It’s the evitable finish to a 4-year race that, before today, was obscure and insubstantial, existing only in my mind as a quietly ignored but perpetually imminent mystery.