By Eliza Jordan I shook his hand and looked into his eyes. Deep, cloudy colors stared back at me. He smiled a simple smile and showed me how many teeth he had left. None were in the middle of his mouth. I stepped back to get a better…

How to: Survive your freshman year

By Eliza Jordan

Okay, Saints, let’s face it— St. Augustine is probably one of the most interesting places you have situated yourselves in. And for the next four years, this little historic town is your home. Here are a few tips in successfully and happily surviving your next few years and enjoying all of your accompanying educational endeavors.

Facing depression in college

By Gena Anderson |

Depression. The word itself has this impenetrable weight to it. Depression is something that happens to you, but we don’t look at it that way do we?

Depressed. We see it as an adjective. Mary Lou doesn’t “have depression;” she “is depressed.” By seeing it that way we remove the right of the afflicted to be afflicted, at least– I always did.