Articles by Katie Garwood

FCTV News: Mediumship and Healing

By Austin Sanchez | The work of a spiritualist and healer is critical to the pursuit of understanding the other side. Meet Lori Carter, a certified medium and healer with the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

FCTV News: Shell Bluff Landing

By Lauren Schroeder and Blue McGill | Shell Bluff Landing, located in the Guana River State Park, is slowly eroding away. However, this site has a wealth of information that provides Emily Murray of the Florida Public Archaeology Network…

Students find ‘family’ in quidditch team

By Hannah Carlsward | What do three hoops, a volleyball, dodgeballs and broomsticks all have in common? You can find them all through the sport of muggle quidditch.   Morgan Cox, a senior and captain of the Flagler College Quidditch team, explains…

Uptown ice cream shop scooping for local customers

By Zoe Smolios | When it came to opening his own business, St. Augustine local Brent Beckett wanted to open a place where other locals could – softly – get served the scoop.   The St. Augustine Scoop is an ice cream shop located…

FCTV News: Take Back the Night

By Takoda Porembski | In March 2019, producer Takoda Porembski documented the gathering of Flagler College students to unify and march downtown to raise awareness against sexual assault.