Articles by Gargoyle Staff

Photo story: Jenna Boyter, Electric Chair Tattoo

By Rachel Gibson | Local tattoo artist, Jenna Boyter showcases her talent and friendly personality at Electric Chair in St. Augustine, Florida.“I have always loved tattoos ever since I first saw them as a kid,” Boyter said. “I love…

FCTV News: University of Florida Bat House

By Austin Sanchez | The University of Florida’s Bat Houses are the largest occupied colony living in man-made structures. Producer Austin Sanchez documents the importance of bats to our eco system as well as the agricultural industry.

Jacksonville yoga class adds goats into the mix

By Abigail Haynes | A yoga class typically requires yoga mats, work-out clothes and an instructor. One local farm is kicking things up a notch by bringing goats to the mat. Little Peeps Farmer for a Day, located near…