Joyner Day: Presidential Legacy

Dr. and Mrs. Joyner attending Joyner Day at Flagler College.

By Matthew Dutton

Flagler College hosted Joyner Day on April 9th, 2021, as a celebration to honor the legacy of Dr. Joseph Joyner and his impact as president of the college.

The event was held on the West Lawn and included decorations, activities and a parade to honor Dr. Joyner and Susan Joyner’s contribution to the Flagler community.

A light-up “thank you” sign displayed for the Joyners allows for the two to pose for a commemorative photo.

Students, faculty and staff record messages to thank the Joyner family.

Dr. Joyner records a message to thank the Flagler community for their contribution to Roar and Raise, a fundraising event that raised money for clubs, organizations, scholarships and more to go toward the Flagler Fund.

Judith Hubbard employs her artistic abilities to show her thanks during the event.

There were multiple ways to show gratification for the Joyners, one of which included sidewalk chalk messages.

“I’ve been enjoying the community of the event to celebrate the Joyners who have meant a lot to our school these past few years,” student Judith Hubbard said.

Nikki Liberatore, Vincent Lendering and Samantha Palmer with Flagler’s Legacy giving out free T-shirts to students, faculty and staff.

The Joyner T-shirt features a back design of a timeline of Dr. Joyner’s time at Flagler from the start of his presidency in 2017 to the announcement of his retirement in 2020.

Different clubs and organizations around campus come together for a parade to celebrate the Joyners and their contributions to campus throughout the years.

“I was surprised by my extended family so that was very special,” Joyner said. “I also really loved seeing the students get out and safely interact. It has been well over a year and it was special to see all of the students.”

Participants relax and unwind towards the end of the day while listening to live music provided by Gentlemen’s Crow, a local band.
Sydny Pepper, sophomore, enjoys free popsicles provided by The Hyppo.

Flagler also provided free lunch to participants which allowed students and faculty to mingle with each other safely throughout the day.

Flagler’s Men’s Basketball team poses for a photo with Lewis the Lion during the West Lawn celebration.

The students, faculty and staff came together to celebrate and honor the legacy of Dr. Joyner all while wishing him the best going into retirement.

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