Reaching New Heights

By Molly Gadawski

Looking to reach new and exciting heights through your Flagler College experience? If the answer is yes, you may want to look into joining one of our newest clubs on campus – rock climbing.

Students Chaize Harrell and Christopher Hightower have started one of the most unique and adventurous clubs now offered by Flagler; displaying a great amount of leadership and dedication. The ability to form clubs catered to specific common interests is one of the many ways students can build their Flagler legacy.

Club leader and student Chaize Harrell took on the duty of organizing the rock-climbing club and bringing it to our campus for the sole purpose of building and being a part of a group that has a love for the same hobby.

“I know Flagler had a niche that could be filled by a rock-climbing club, and being able to form a big, fun and tight knit group of people through the activity of rock climbing is fulfilling in the sense I can put this on my resume and leave a lasting legacy here on campus for future classes to enjoy and participate in,” Harrell said.

Fellow leader and student Christopher Hightower’s inspiration for the start up of Flagler’s first ever rock climbing club similarly stemmed from knowing that there was a large group of students that enjoyed climbing, but there was no club in place prior to ours so we took it upon ourselves to be the ones to bring the like-minded and rock climbing enthusiasts together.

The club is open and encourages all students to come out to Edge Rock Gym located in Jacksonville, Florida to join in on their monthly climbs. The climbs last for two to three hours and no prior experience or owned equipment is necessary as the gym is there to facilitate not only those who value rock climbing as a long-time hobby, but also to cater to and introduce those who are beginners of the sport.

“Climbing is free and we carpool to get there. Eventually, we would like to reimburse members for gas money, but with the club just starting we would have to save more money first before we can reach that goal. This first semester of the club is being spent focusing on how to work out the kinks and reworking our budget a few times, nonetheless the club is coming together pretty nicely and quickly,” Harrell said.

This club now provides access to a challenging, yet anxiety relieving and team building type of sport where groups of students who are looking for the same kind of outlet and excitement can encourage one another to push themselves in a safe and positive environment.

Participating in clubs that encouarge physcial activity and team work are easy ways to relieve stress, boost endurance and even improve brain fuction along with the ability to focus, according to The Huffington Post.

For additional information about the club and upcoming climbs, contact Chaize Harrell or Christopher Hightower about being added to the club’s email list.

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