Photo story: Jenna Boyter, Electric Chair Tattoo

By Rachel Gibson |

Local tattoo artist, Jenna Boyter showcases her talent and friendly personality at
Electric Chair in St. Augustine, Florida.“I have always loved tattoos ever since I
first saw them as a kid,” Boyter said.
“I love the idea of doing something really unconventional, and something people
don’t expect me to do. It has always been a dream of mine,” Boyter said.
“I’ve always drawn. I used to have sharpie markers, and I would draw on my friends
and cover all my paperwork and notes with doodles and drawings. Tattoos have
always been super special to me,” Boyter said.
“Art has always been an outlet for me. Drawing was always like a diary when I was
younger, like if I went through a bad breakup or had a fight with a friend,” Boyter
“I love being able to create artwork that expresses how they feel or things they’ve
gone through,” Boyter said.
“My first tattoo I ever did was on my husband, so that has always been really
special for us,” Boyter said. “ It’s always been a joke that it’s our date night, when
he comes in and we’ll do a late night tattoo and just hang out together.”
“I got my dog Forest when I was in college when he was just a puppy. When I met my
husband he had a little weiner dog. So we had two young dogs together, and now their
best friends and brothers. It’s awesome,” Boyter said.
“I’ve been with my husband going on eight years now. We just got married last
March,” Boyter said.
“One of my favorite things is when people let me do my own thing with memorial
tattoos. It’s always really special to me,” Boyter said.
“My future goal is to remain tattooing. Someday I’d love to own my own shop,” Boyter
said. “Short term goal would be to travel around and tattoo at different shops.”
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