An open letter to the BOAT: our hearts won’t go on

By Dustin Fletcher |

Oh, Blake Bortles. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that Jacksonville took you third overall to save the franchise from quarterback purgatory.

Duval took you under their wing and you embraced them back. You became an important part of the community as a wide-eyed NFL rookie.

You, Blake, taught the young boys and girls of Jacksonville football. You had beers at your beach house with fans. You were truly one of us.

We saw a lackluster rookie year, which was followed by an impressive second season with 35 touchdowns and only 17 INTERCEPTIONS?!

However, the front office did not help. You were given a sub-par receiving core for three consecutive years. Wide receiver Allen Robinson tore his ACL and was as good as gone, as was the threat of a formidable passing attack.

This was the beginning of the end. The inevitable collapse that was coming all along.

You took us to the playoffs, finally, and you were one missed call from a possible Super Bowl MVP. Now instead, your successor won the award. It’s funny how things work out.

One missed call sent New England to another Super Bowl, and gave Nick Foles some lore for the NFL record books.

You were signed for $20 million a year, and started well. You destroyed New England and out dueled the GOAT. The BOAT would not be beaten that day. That was your final victory as the Jaguars starting quarterback. Your gunslinger tendency as someone who throws interceptions and fumbles the ball could not be overcome.

You were at the lowest of low for your career, and the team was not winning. The $20 million dollar salary was no longer a bargain. Eventually, the team benched you for Cody Kessler, who only has one NFL win to his name.

Not all was fair, as the run game collapsed without Leonard Fournette or the offensive line’s good health. You carried Duval on your shoulder, and you owned that city and took the blame for yourself.

As the time winds down, it’s impossible for us to hate you, BOAT. As you sail away after a trade or cut, we will remember you and the team fondly as the playoff replays still get our hearts in our throat.

Myles Jack was called down, and you were held there.

You were at fault for some of it, but blamed for all of it.

Nick Foles will never fill our hearts with a fridge of Bud Light and a contagious smile like yours, BOAT.

We should be ecstatic to have a Super Bowl MVP at quarterback. So why is it so bittersweet?

Most Fondly,


We will always be home, BOAT.

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