A fresh take on a fresh catch

By Colton Andre | gargoyle@flagler.edu

For most chefs in the industry the work day starts in the kitchen; prepping for the day’s rush of hungry patrons takes preparation. For Joshua Smith, the executive chef at Catch 27, ¬†many days start earlier at a selection of local farms or at the farmers market. He is the last the heart of a movement in and across our country of farm-to-table restaurants. This means that restaurants like Catch 27 have begun to use only farm fresh and local produce. The results are divine for both the palate, and the body and the movement has taken off in St. Augustine over the past few years. Luckily we now have a small selection of these conscious restaurants where their used to be close to none.

Smith is a creator and he is driven by his passion to create and deliver the best possible meals for any lucky patrons who stumble into Catch 27 at 40 Charlotte St. The restaurant gets everything from grains to greens to meats and seafood from a selection of around 30 local farms in the North Florida and South Georgia regions.

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