Flagler College welcomes former ‘Bachelor’ contestants for meet and greet


Robby Hayes

By Jordan Puyear | gargoyle@flagler.edu

For some, college is just a continuation of education that ultimately leads to a monotonous career, full of rigid nine to five shifts and coffee-filled thermoses.

While there’s nothing wrong with that journey, others choose to use college as a stepping stone into great success. Being exposed to life’s possibilities and opportunities can help someone truly flourish, and that’s exactly what happened to Flagler College alumna, contestant on season 20 of “The Bachelor.”

For those unaware, “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are reality dating shows where one man (“The Bachelor”) or one woman (“The Bachelorette”) have to choose from a group of around 25 eligible love interests to get engaged to at the end of the final episode.

Jennifer Saviano, photo courtesy of Linkedin.

On March 29, Flagler College will host a “Bachelor Meet and Greet” event featuring both Saviano and Robby Hayes, the season 12 runner-up of “The Bachelorette.” All proceeds from this event will be going to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. Through this event, Flagler students not only get to catch up with a graduate, but also be inspired by Saviano’s journey to a reality star/entrepreneur.

“I had no clue what I wanted to do career wise at that time in my life, so I just took classes that I was interested in,” Saviano said of her college experience.

Through her courses in psychology and Latin American studies, she was able to gain life experiences while trying to figure out what path she wanted to take in life.

“I think it’s important to work hard every day while gravitating towards what you love and be open-minded to new opportunities that come your way,” she said.

Knowing that she wanted to do something with her “entrepreneurial spirit,” two years after graduating from Flagler, Saviano started her own online clothing boutique, hotpinkhanger.com. After this, Saviano decided to start misslifestyler.com, a blog about living a happy and healthy lifestyle, while still looking good through it all.

“This is where I found my passion, and I wake up every day eager to write more and more.”

It wasn’t until her friend submitted her to appear on The Bachelor that Saviano’s life truly turned upside down. As a fan of the show, Saviano was hesitant at first but agreed to take part in the extensive interview process that ultimately landed her a spot on The Bachelor.

Saviano said that being on a reality show was a challenge.

“It pushes you out of your comfort zone in ways that you’ve never experienced before, so it’s an emotionally exhausting process.” However, she made the best out of her experience by keeping a positive attitude throughout her journey. “I viewed it as a unique way to push myself, meet new friends, travel and possibly have a connection with a great guy.”

Even though Saviano didn’t find love on The Bachelor, she was still able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“My life motto is you’re always one email away from a new opportunity, and one decision away from a completely different life,” she said.

The Bachelor Meet and Greet will take place at the Gamache Kroger Theatre from 7-9 p.m. on March 29. The event is sponsored by The Flagler College Bookstore, The Bar Method, 57 Treasury Florist, and Florida Lawn and Order.


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