Jeff Gordon talks about taking his talents to broadcast television

Daytona, Fla. – Three time Daytona 500 champion and four time Sprint Cup series Champion Jef Gordon is making the jump from NASCAR to broadcast television with the Fox NASCAR broadcasting team. Gordon spoke about the move at this year’s Daytona 500 in February.

“I’m fresh and new at this,” he said. “It’s a steep learning curve. I like what I’m doing, so its been great.”

“Once you get down here, then its learning how someone’s going to be talking in your ear when you do the pieces that are important to the broadcast, how do they all interact with one other, not stepping over one another, and not talking to much,” he said. “I’m a great rambler.”

Gordon said broadcast television is just like being on a race team.

“That’s what racing goes through: they prepare, they have meetings, they share their ideas, they build race cars, and so Fox is doing all the same things,” Gordon said. “They’re creating new technology to bring to their fan. They’re trying to create story lines and bring all the individuals together.”

Gordon spent 24 years racing with Hendricks Motor sports, winning 93 races, finishing in the top ten 475 times and winning 81 poles.

Jeff Gordon

“I go back to Hendricks motor sports history with Rick and Jimmy, and Chad, and all those guys, so its just very, very difficult to hold back on that, so yes will hear me talk a lot about Hendricks motor sports,” said Gordon.

“The Daytona 500 is such a special event and as a race car driver there’s just nothing better, or getting the checkered flag and crossing the line the first,” he said.

“I think when they crown that Daytona 500 champion, the only part I feel like that I am going to miss about racing, is what it’s like to experience winning with your team.”

After spending 24 years behind the wheel, Jeff Gordon is taking the same methods that he used to win races, to the booth in order to produce a great broadcast, expect now he has to pay attention to his words rather than the car beside him.

“I’m approaching the booth in a similar way, where were going to work together as a team and I think if we have a great broadcast, or a great race, then we’re winning together out there as well, and we’re always going to try and get better,” said Gordon.

“Probably the hardest thing to do is, what I call compressing, and its taking a thought and starting at it the right time and then completing and finishing it.”

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