New year, new wardrobe

By Liz Browning |

Sometimes, picking out your outfit for the day can be dreadful, especially if your closet consists of a load of clothes you haven’t worn in months, 20 purses intertwined with each other on a hanger, and  an explosion of shoes on the floor. If this describes your closet, in even the slightest way, continue reading for some help on making your closet looks stylish and  accessible. 

Five Steps to a Clean Organized Closet:organized_streamlined_closet_4

1. Separate your clothes into four categories

  1. Clothes worn in the last six months
  2. Clothes not worn in the last six months
  3. Clothes never worn before
  4. Sentimental clothing (First Communion dress, Prom dress, the ugly shirt your grandma got you for Christmas, but you feel bad if you were to get rid of it, etc.)

2. Downsizing Your Clothes

Chances are, if you haven’t clothes in your closet that have been there for a year, you’re not gonna miss them if they’re gone, and same goes for the clothes that you’ve never worn before. If you are struggling with a particular item, ask yourself, “If I were in a store right now, would I buy this?” If the answer is no, then bag it. After you have put all those clothes in a bag for a thrift store, place all your sentimental clothing in a sealed vacuum bag, seal it with the vacuum-cleaner and store it under your bed.

3. Fold Scarves and Belts in a Drawer

Scarves can be annoying to hang on a hanger in your closet because they are always falling off. Belts are just awkward and take up valuable space. Clear a drawer in your dresser for them to save space and frustration.

4. Organizing Those Tangled Purses and Totes

Take your biggest bag and place all of your other purses inside it. Then, zip it up and hang it on a hanger, or if your closet is big enough, hang it on the wall with a Command Strip. This will not only save space, but time as well while you are trying to find the purse to match perfectly with your outfit.

5. Solving the Shoe Explosion


Scrunch up newspaper and place them in your boots to make them stand up.

Place all of your shoes on the shelf in your closet; if you do not have one, buy a hanging shoe-organizer and hang it on the inside of your closet door. This will save floor space for your boots that may not fit inside those pockets in the shoe-organizer. However, do not just lay boots on the floor. Stuff them with newspaper to make them stand up right. With your shoes displayed neatly, you will most likely have an easier time choosing the pair that looks best with your outfit and you will walk out the door styling!





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