Local band Cute Fills hits the road for summer tour

By Ariel Thomas | gargoyle@flagler.edu10968547_764033290318843_2670695008343123047_n

This summer, local punk band Cute Fills will be hitting the road. These musicians will be kicking off their nationwide tour on May 2nd at Shanghai Nobby’s in St. Augustine.

Cute Fills consists of three members: Cameron Harrison, 22, who plays the bass and sings; his brother Ben, 21, on guitar; and Walker Jesse, 21, who shreds on the drums.

“The drums are there to accent and embellish parts of the song. You’re there to help other people out. Drums guide… It’s about keeping beats interesting but still simplistic where I’m not overshadowing anyone,” said Jesse.

He describes as Cute Fills’ sound as “punky, ‘90s Indie rock”.

On how they came together, Jesse said that he and Cameron decided to start playing together on a whim.

“I was basically just like, ‘Cam do you want to start a band? ‘ and he was like, ‘Sure.’ We just played together for a while. That’s kind of how we all came together,” he said.

Cute Fills’ lead singer and bassist Cameron has been in the St. Augustine music scene for a while. He handles the business aspects of the band, booking gigs and making connections with other bands in the area.

“I love tours. We get to see our friends in other states, and playing shows is always fun,” Jesse said.

Though Jesse didn’t cite any musicians for inspiration, he did mention his appreciation for recent artists.

“The mix tapes Gucci Mane just dropped are pretty good. I listen to Full of Hell, Merzbow. A lot of Vaporwave,” Jesse said.

Cute Fills’ music is available at https://cutefills.bandcamp.com

A listing of all their upcoming tour dates is also available on https://www.facebook.com/cutefills


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