Behind the scenes at Yield Design: Flagler alum and partner bring hip design to Oldest City

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Yield Design was born in San Francisco by Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant. Deming is familiar with St. Augustine as he graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Graphic Design before moving to to the West Coast to earn his MBA in designs strategy from CCA. There he met Yield co-founder Gant, who earned her bachelor’s in industrial design with post studies at Cal Poly.

Andrew Deming & Rachel Gant

Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant

This past fall the two decided to move the modern design company’s storefront and studio from the busy industry scene in San Francisco to St. Augustine for a shift in lifestyle.

Retail Preparation

There was a confluence of factors, Deming said. “St. Augustine has a really great emerging design scene, but there is not as much that is fully formed and with whatever we could help grow that community here, we really wanted to,” he said. Gant has embraced the new setting with the ability to have more space to breathe and affordability than the saturated design environment of San Francisco. Deming said individuals in St. Augustine are “able to tap into doing what they enjoy.”

The merchandise that Yield creates and manufacturers include bags, jewelry and goods for the home. The aesthetically eye-pleasing products combine elements that include both minimalist design and the fundamentals of traditional craft.

Yield Design has and continues to prefer creating all of their work locally, and when possible with the assistance of creative local craftsmen in the greater St. Augustine area.

Hand Crafted Day-Packs

The history of the local community has brought forth influence upon their approach to modern design. They strongly value the contrast of the old and the new. “We get inspiration from the historic architecture and the overall feeling of the city,” Deming said. “It is something we really enjoy and try to respond to.”

French Press

The two speak of one product in particular called the Pantry Shelf — a suspension rope system. “It is kind of funny to remember,” Deming said. “When we were visiting St. Augustine, a little while back, we had a shelf that is really simple and was inspired by a shelf in the Alvarez Gonzalez House (the oldest house). It was an old Spanish colonial shelf that was used to keep food away from rats on the floor in that space.” He said they loved the construction of this historical piece, but also were inspired to generate a modern interpretation.


Cup Set – Leather & Steel

As Deming and Gant find comfort in the fresh setting, they are constantly forming new concepts. “You can get stuck in trends in what is new,” Deming said. “And here I feel you can receive a sort of different inspiration. It is a little like when you travel, a lot of ideas come about when you see something new. And here we have found the creativity to try different things.”

Yield Design’s storefront is located at 201 West King St.

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