Local Rockabilly Band, “Go Get Gone” Rocks the Ancient City

By Savannah Faircloth | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Photo by Valerie L. Cason 

Go get GoneJet-black hair, red lipstick, and music that makes you want to jive – local cover band, “Go Get Gone” is shaking, rattling, and rolling the ancient city with their 50’s style tunes.

The band started five years ago when guitarist and lead vocalist Mike Edginton and upright bassist Angi Edington were on their honeymoon in St. Augustine. After visiting a local bar and hearing the bands play, they were inspired to pursue their music full-time.

“We were living in Georgia at the time and we walked into the Milltop Tavern and just said to each other, ‘why are we not doing this?’” said Angi. “We had original bands at the time, but we had other jobs as well, which was taking away from our music. We decided then to give everything to being full-time musicians.”

Recent Flagler graduate Emily Ward joined the group as their drummer two-years ago after seeing Angi and Mike play at the White Lion Restaurant & Pub.

All three band members discovered their love for music at a young age. Mike was three-years-old when he got his first guitar from his parents, Angi was six-years-old when she learned the keyboard by ear, and Ward was five-years-old when she began singing along with the Lion King soundtrack on her grandmother’s piano. Since then, the three musicians have learned multiple instruments and played in several bands in both Florida and Georgia.

“Go Get Gone” is a self-proclaimed rockabilly band. The band takes classic 50’s songs, like Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” and puts a rockabilly twist to it.

“It was a gamble to come to a town where most of the artists play folk,” said Angi. “We researched it before we moved here and there was nothing like us around. St. Augustine has been amazing and we are grateful they took a chance on us!”

“Go Get Gone” currently has over 1,600 likes on Facebook, over 5,000 music plays on their website, and are ranked #2 on reverbnation.com for top rock bands in St. Augustine.

“I go to see ‘Go Get Gone’ because I grew up listening to Johnny Cash and rockabilly music,” said Flagler alumni Jessie Keefe. “Listening to them reminds me of my childhood and always puts me in a good mood.”

In addition to playing at local establishments in St. Augustine, “Go Get Gone” has performed throughout Florida, Georgia, and even Las Vegas.

“We have performed all around northeast United States, down the coast of Florida, and we’ve even performed on the Las Vegas strip,” said the band. “We play mostly in St. Augustine, but we play every month in Jacksonville, Georgia, and surrounding areas. We are somewhere different every weekend.”

Future plans for the band include a full-length cd of original songs, US tour, and eventually world tours. For more information about booking the band, show schedules, or to listen to music samples, visit http://www.reverbnation.com/gogetgone or follow “Go Get Gone” on Facebook.

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