Movember comes to Flagler

MovemberBy August Carriuolo |

Flagler College has proven to be an avid supporter of breast cancer awareness through a myriad of fundraisers and donations to non-profit charities and organizations. Starting this month, Flagler will now begin a new trend in support of men’s health as well by supporting the global charity event “Movember”.

The name, a play on the words mustache and November, serves to support the movement’s promotion of good health, unity and curing illnesses.

“Growing a mustache or beard is how you can show your support for Movember. Kind of like how women have pink for breast cancer, guys have mustaches,” said Student Services intern Kara Yancey.

There are three basic rules to follow by being an active participant in Movember. First, you must start the month clean shaven. Then, grow your facial hair for the full 30 days. In order to raise awareness and funds for men’s health by participating in organized events, spread the word around your local community. Movember encourages people to adopt a proactive lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy.

Compared to the passionate camaraderie women possess towards supporting one another in the ongoing fight against breast cancer, men have never been known to possess the same tenacity towards promoting and celebrating good health. A large part of this problem is due to the lack of publicity regarding male diseases as well as personal motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“There are a lot of services and information for women. We really need to do something to reach out to men. Most diseases are preventable by healthy lifestyle changes such as exercising, eating healthy and avoiding tobacco use,” said the Flagler Hospital community benefit coordinator John Eaton.

A series of events has been planned for the entire month. Each of the events is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle within the Flagler student body. One of the main goals of the movement is to raise funds for charities and research towards various forms of cancers and mental illnesses. Events will include group Zumba sessions on the sixth of the month where participants are to show up in style by donning their best 80’s attire.

On Nov. 14, there will be a health expo at the Ringhaver Student Center that will feature information kiosks for health. Additionally, several companies from around the St. Augustine area that support living a proactive lifestyle will be available for Flagler students to enjoy.

Nov. 20 will be the date of the “Camo Fitness Boot Camp,” a competitive event inviting clubs or groups of five to sign up and compete. All $20 entry fees will be donated to the Wounded Warrior charity fund and the top two teams will win prizes.

The finale for Movember, known as the “Mustachular Spectacular” will take place on Nov. 22.

“There can be up to 20 participants; they will have a night to show off their mustaches, present a talent and be asked a question. Whoever wins will be crowned ‘Mr. Movember.’ The top three will be awarded gift card prizes,” said Yancey.

Anyone signing up early for events will receive a stamp that boosts their overall score, which will increase their chances of winning the final contest. This is meant to encourage the mentality of being active and getting involved, forming the core philosophy of Movember.

While Movember is an event centered towards promoting awareness for men’s health, it’s completely open to female participation in the same manner as supporting breast cancer awareness is open to men. Women are encouraged to join in on the Zumba and boot camp events.

Flagler’s first ever Movember is being largely funded by the Student Government Association, with the events being organized by SGA members Joshua Hull and Dawson Roebig.

“Men’s health is a very neglected issue. I myself have never heard of an event solely for men’s health. It’s great to learn about these illnesses that can affect you while also having fun,” said Hull.

“I think it will be a great way to unite the Flagler student body when we’re all coming together through a series of community events,” said Roebig. “It’s a great way to make memories and meet new friends. These diseases affecting men are issues that need to be brought to light; we should make an effort to demonstrate this to our community.”

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