Setting a new standard

By Megan Denneny |

The Standard is a new venue supporting the club scene in St. Augustine just over the bridge from Flagler College. A city known for its beautiful environment and historic charm, will a nightclub cause issues for St. Augustine?

“It is hard to imagine that a night club could be so successful in such a small town. The past venues have had a hard time sticking around, but what I hear about The Standard has all been pretty positive.” said Kelsey Walsh, Flagler College junior.

The Standard opened on Nov. 1, welcoming guests to experience a different type of nightlife in St. Augustine. Previously known as a string of other venues such as Two Hundred Lounge, Auggie Doggs, and Kryptonite, The Standard has worked hard to create an image worth the support of the St. Augustine community.

The Standard was created in support of art and live music coming together under one roof. Dan Larson, previously the St. Augustine Amphitheater marketing manager, made it his goal to support all genres of music that will welcome in new patrons as well as make people excited to come back, according to the St. Augustine Record. He partnered with Adam Amoia to open a space that will fill a niche that the historic city may be lacking.

“We want the community to tell us what they want and we will present it in the best possible way,” Larson said.

Before The Standard, Two Hundred Lounge had earned a negative reputation after being a haven for crimes such as sexual assault, fights, drug-dealing and 3 reports of gun fire. Along with nearby residents in North Davis Shores and visiting tourists, many people became “up in arms” about the venue. Eventually the club closed down until Larson and Amoia decided to transform it to The Standard.

In addition to bringing national and regional bands to St. Augustine, Larson wants to support local music. He hopes to create a monthly local show to promote local bands and musicians.

There have been no extreme police reports filed relating to The Standard keeping up the positive image Larson strives for. People have their differing opinions about the nightclub, but there have been no reported issues yet.

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