Beebs and Her Money Makers on superheroes and their one-of-a-kind sound

By Diana Eales |

Beebs and Her Money Makers brought their high-energy show of eclectic characters and unique set of music to the Original Café 11 in March.

Beebs and Her Money Makers features lead vocalist and kazoo player Michelle Beebs and guitarist LoveLady, along with bassist Dave Wade, drummer Brisske, saxophonist Emoney and trumpeter Bunky. Each member comes from a different musical background and their sound is one-of-a-kind.

“It all kinda’ just melts together,” Beebs said. “Normally that wouldn’t work, but it somehow all just molds together and everyone’s ideas mix perfectly to make our sound.”

One of her favorite songs is “Ms. Captain Kangaroo” from their album “Welcome to Barter Town,” which features strong guitar riffs and rough-around-the-edges vocals that break into upbeat drum and bass lines that would get anyone up and moving.

Their shows often feature “Glow Hoopers,” “JamBots” and other funky performers to make sure the crowd has as much fun as they do playing music together.

Beebs said she was excited to play in the area. “We’ve heard of St. Augustine dance parties and we were like, ‘Damn! St. Augustine has dance parties; we need to get over there.'”

Their shows are an experience for the eyes and ears, but there is history there, too. “Everyone in the band is a character, a superhero in their own right,” said Beebs, who decided a comic book series was the best way to explain where everyone comes from. “We’re honing our superhero skills. We’re all superheroes and that’s kinda how we all got together: we found different superheroes from different parts of Florida.”

She said they have all been trying out new “superpowers” as they work on another issue of their comic book.

Beebs and Her Money Makers has also been focusing on an upcoming full-length album, which has meant limiting their touring just to Florida. When asked about the album, Beebs said it will be debuting at House of Blues in Orlando before they leave for the Warped Tour in June. “It’s a blend between Latin funk songs and a few ska songs,” Beebs said.

Beebs said to also keep an eye out for the upcoming single, “Jumpin’,” and to catch them on the road this summer with the Vans Warped Tour.

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