Rendezvous Beer Bar: Craft Beer Empire

By Scott Harrison |

With 2,075 craft breweries in the United States, the art of brewing has sent an electric shock through our nation.

Rendezvous Beer Bar understands there is a movement in progress, which is why he offers customers as many choices for the palate to explore as possible.

Located at 106 St. George Street, it has been in business for over 20 years now. The establishment has come along way since the opening days where the owner drive his pick-up truck all over Florida to pick up cases of the best product. The café now showcases from 230 to 250 micro and imported beers from more than 36 countries.

“We are a relatively small place but have a large local following,” said manager Sarah Lampton. “We are all very passionate about beer and all have a very extensive knowledge beer.”

Rendezvous only offers six draft lines, the rest being bottles of all sizes. From Lebanon to Russia, the Netherlands to Guatemala, these brews come in different styles and flavors. Some age like wine, some better fresh from the brewery and with every pour there’s a price.

“We have some beers that are $40 a bottle,” Lampton said.

The staff at Rendezvous has a lot of faith in the future of this fad that’s been on the rise for the last three decades. Having the larger selection in St. Augustine, the “Voo Krew” looks to maintain the household name.

“We bring something different than any other watering hole,” David Haynes said, who’s been a bartender for the last three years. “The atmosphere is a bit more mellow, and everyone digs their job which shows in their attitude.”

The beer pub also has sandwiches and soups complimenting the regions and types of beers sold. These include foods such as Bratwursts, Rueben sandwhiches and imported hams.

“I think its nice for people who are really into beers, which I am, because you cant find that wide of a selection in St. Augustine with such cheap deals,” Flagler senior, Katie Dayock said.

Live music is offered five nights a week as well as price cuts enabling beer aficionados to try higher end brews. Wine from all over the world is served as well as from local St. Augustine winery, St. Sebastian.

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