Flagler looks to hold first round of PBC tournament

By Marisa Strawn | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The Flagler men’s soccer has found itself putting Flagler College on the athletic map. Since moving into the NCAA’s Division II and the Peach Belt Conference in 2009, the men’s soccer team has achieved great success.

In 2009 and 2011, the men’s team was the regular season champions and the Peach Belt Conference Tournament champions. They are also 3-time NCAA tournament participants, finding themselves in the elite eight of the NCAA Division II tournament.

Due to their success this season, the men’s team is now in the running to host the first round Peach Belt Conference with home field advantage. This game would be held at the Flagler College Athletic Fields.

With only 14 of their players returning from last season, the men’s team found themselves wondering if the newcomers would be able to continue helping the Saint’s success. However, the men are performing well in the conference games. With a current Peach Belt Conference record of 6-1-1, they sit at 13th place in the nation for Division II, and hold 1st for the Peach Belt Conference.

Nick Duncan, a senior on the team, says, “Though we are extremely excited to have the opportunity to host the first round of the conference tournament at home, winning the regional tournament last year has been my proudest moment at Flagler. We have had our fair share of winnings, but having the regional title as our own, was easily the best.”

Adam Jackson, another senior on the team, says. “My main goal this year was to have the ability to hold the first round at home. I can’t be more proud of the boys on this team for finding it within themselves to fulfill my goal!”

This home-field advantage game is scheduled for the 30th of October, but since conference games are still to be played, the men have to continue winning games to be in the running.

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