Romney Rally: Campaign makes stop at Flagler College campus

By Ryan Buffa |

Just two days after announcing running mate Sen. Paul Ryan, presidential candidate Mitt Romney held a rally at Flagler College on the West Lawn this morning.

Flagler College estimated approximately 1,000 people attended the rally. Many people waited outside the gates in the long line that stretched down Sevilla Street while Romney spoke.

“There are better days ahead when we have a better leader in office,” Romney said this morning.

Also in attendance was leader of the Florida GOP Chairman Lenny Curry, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Speaker of the Florida House and candidate for Florida Sen. John Thrasher, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott.

Chairman Curry introduced the rally and said, “What this country believes in … the American dream … the president does not believe in that.”

Cheers were heard from the crowd when Sen. Rubio took the stage. “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a president in office that could help our governor,” he said.

Romney took the podium as patriotic country music blared and a sea of Romney flyers waved in the crowd. Romney discussed his five-point-plan to fix the economy and create jobs.

“We’re tired of being tired of the economy,” Romney said. “We are going to put work back in welfare.”

He promised his plan would bring 12 million new jobs. “It’s not the government that builds businesses and makes it great, it’s the free American people,” Romney said.

By the middle of his speech he had the crowd saying with him, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Many supporters felt energized for the upcoming election after the rally. “I was wavering a little bit about Mitt, but especially in the beginning he’s the man, he is the man that we need running this country to lead us forward,” said Lou Konowal, business owner of Old Town Jerky.

“We know that Florida is a key swing state and it’s very important for everyone’s voices to be heard,” RNC Communication Director Jill Bader said.

Some protesters were watching from outside the Proctor Library and were not swayed by the rally. “More of the same,” said one protestor. “There is not much of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. I mean this guy is a multimillionaire, what does he know about the middle class?”

Overall the Romney supporters left Flagler campus energized from the rally, “I really like that he supports small businesses and the strength of the American people,” said part-time resident Lina Roque.

The end of the speech brought loud cheers and whistles from the crowd as he yelled, “I will restore America’s strength … We are going to keep America the hope of the earth. Thank you Florida, I’m counting on you to help me win in November.”



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