New clothing boutique and art gallery opens in Lincolnville

By Ashley Goodman |

Part business man, part artist, Kris Smith, 28, has brought new life to Lincolnville since the opening of his shop, Corner Market  Boutique.

Smith keeps his shop stocked with local art, new and vintage clothing and accessories. This young business owner made use of his engineering degree by completely renovating the building which used to be the Lincolnville Library that was built in the 1920’s. Smith designed the sign and installed the flooring and shelves himself.

“I was coming up to St. Augustine from Orlando every weekend for about a year to work on the shop, it was a slow renovation,” Smith said.

Smith’s family bought the building and a few others in Lincolnville. When Smith found out the building wasn’t occupied, he decided to turn it into a shop. ” I guess you could call it a childhood dream,” Smith said.

A practical move considering his love for fashion and art. “I’ve been drawing since I was 5, I’ve been into painting more oils and acrylics lately,” Smith said.

Besides fashion and art, he credits his mother and where he came from as his biggest inspirations. “I would have to say my biggest inspiration would be Ma Dukes. She was always that positive person in my life that always kept me going and believing in myself. No matter how much trouble I got in she was always there to give me those much needed words. My grandparents are up there for sure too.” Smith said.

Besides just being a boutique, Smith has plans of getting Corner Market involved with the community. Corner Market will host local shows, bike races and marathons. “Maybe even some tribal dances and midnight streaking,” Smith jokes.

You can find Corner Market Boutique on 97 Martin Luther King Ave in St. Augustine, Fla.

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