Students to vote on poorly publicized election

By Joshua Santos |

Elections for Student Government Association are being held tomorrow.  The Political Guild, in conjunction with the Election Board and SGA, held an open forum today in Jay’s Lounge for students to come and ask candidates questions dealing with campus concerns and how candidates hope to make necessary changes.

Graduating senior and President of the Political Guild, Frank Mahoney, introduced the first speaker, rising senior Candace Cabral.


Candace Cabral will be running uncontested for the secretary position.

David Arreola will also be running uncontested for the treasury position.

Ashley Anderson will also be running uncontested for the vice president position.

The event focused on the debate between presidential candidates sophomore John Monroe and junior Evan Gardiner.  The two agreed on many views including increasing communication between students and administrative officials, as well as increasing student participation for campus events.

Faculty are invited to attend every SGA meeting, which meets in the Koger-Gamache theater in the Ringhaver Student Center every Tuesday night at 9 PM. While the general assembly keeps a fairly consistent group of students, the candidates hope to reach out to more students and have them learn more about the student governments little known constitution.

A few students in attendance expressed concerns about the lack of publicity dealing with the debate, while some students like junior Emily Gleeson said the event “gave more insight into what [the candidates] have to offer.”

Others in attendance like senior Robert Willix said the event was needed “simply because I didn’t know who was running.”

While graduating seniors were in attendance, many of them expressed concerns over the amount of e-mails sent out to students.  Senior Marylynn Allen says she would like to see “tougher decisions now…more efficient e-mails.”  This included ideas for one comprehensive e-mail that includes all events for a certain period of time.  Students also reminisced on the absence of event calendars in bathroom stalls.

Only time will tell if these students will accomplish the goals they promised, but the Student Government Association wants to remind students that they are a collaborative effort and they will continue to strive to make Flagler College a better place.


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