Bermuda’s soccer talent arrives to Flagler

By Daniel Arbelaez |

Triston Hall and Marco Warren, both soccer players for the men’s soccer team, have a variety of similarities, one being the fact that both are from Bermuda. The two also have a variety of differences. Hall is 6 feet 2 inches tall, while Warren is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Hall plays as a defender and Warren as a forward. The two have been playing together since high school and helped lead their school, Monteverde Academy, to being ranked No. 1.

1. What other sports did you practice when you were a child?
Hall: When I was a kid I used to play cricket and basketball. Then I decided to take soccer more seriously.
Warren: I used to play Ping-Pong, tennis, golf and basketball. In tennis I won a few tournaments but then I decided to play soccer more seriously.

2. What was the best thing about your first season with Flagler College? What was the worst?
Hall: The best thing for me in the season was being able to experience a higher level of soccer compared with my past teams. Flagler College has a very high level of soccer, which makes me happy to part of it. The worst thing was not being able to play as much as I would like. Although, it is understandable because it’s my first year and other players have more experience.
Warren: I did not have the opportunity to play yet because I am a red shirt. For sure I will be glad when I play my first game with Flagler College.

3. How has your experience been at Flagler College? Is it different from Bermuda?
Hall: It has been great, I have party a lot, like I never did before (laughs). It is very different from Bermuda because in Bermuda people do not party as much as here. Bermuda is a special place to relax where most people go to the beach and relax.
Warren: My experience in Flagler College was difficult at first and I was getting home sick but it is getting better now. It is not too different from Bermuda. I just miss my family.

4. What is the thing you most like about playing for Flagler College soccer team?
Hall: The thing that I most like abut playing for Flagler College soccer team is that the players are really friendly. You get use to the team really fast.
Warren: I like the coaches and teammates on the soccer team. I am learning new things at every practice to make me a better soccer player.

5. What is your goal after you finish College? Do you plan to be a professional soccer player?
Hall: Yes, my main goal is to become a professional soccer player. I still believe I can make it and I will sacrifice these four years at Flagler to reach my goal.
Warren: My goal after college is to become a pro-soccer player and go back to my country and help out other kids in soccer.

6. What are the good things about having a partner on the team that is from the same country as you?
Hall: Having a partner from Bermuda in the team makes things so much easier because we have a lot of similarities. I know him really well and he knows me really well, too. So I think that is a plus for both of us.
Warren: I don’t know really. It’s just nice to have someone from where I am from to look out for each other.

7. If you do not make it to professional soccer, do you plan on staying in the United States or you are going back to Bermuda?
Hall: If I do not make it to professional soccer, probably I might plan to study and work abroad. I like having the opportunity and experience at Flagler College and I do like a lot living in the states but I also want new things when I am done with college. I would like to study and work in Europe to have the opportunity to have a new experience.
Warren: I just plan on going back to Bermuda.

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