It’s not all lows for Eisley with “The Valley”

By Andrew McDaniel |

With a new album from Eisley, the family group from Tyler, Texas, chronicles their highs and lows through song.

“The Valley” is Eisley’s third full-length album and first release in four years.  The band signed with Equal Vision Records, an indie label, after they left Warner Bros. Records and major label status last year. This album showcases sleeker production and more mature vocals.  Sherri and Stacy DuPree take turns on lead vocals and wrote all of the songs on the album.

From divorce and failed relationships to their split with Warner Bros., nothing is off limits on this album. The bands trademark lyrical whimsy is consistent throughout.

The album starts with the title track, “The Valley,” and is sung by Stacy.  Its lyrics and musicality set a darkly optimistic tone, which is mimicked throughout the album.

Next is “Smarter,” a hard-hitting rock song where Sherri takes over lead vocals.  She sings about her failed marriage with just the right amount of bitterness in both the lyrics and in her vocals.

“Watch It Die” follows and is thematically similar to “Smarter.”  This song features Chauntelle DuPree in the chorus, whose vocals were missing on Eisley’s previous two releases.

“Oxygen Mask,” “I Wish” and “Please” all have a lighter tone and lose some of the vindictiveness of the heavier songs on the album.

The album picks up with  “Kind” and “Better Love.”  Both tracks feature Eisley’s signature piano sound.  “Kind” is upbeat and finds its heart in the string section.  “Better Love” is a rocking mid-tempo track that relies on electric guitar and harmony.

Eisley saved the best for last with “Ambulance,” the album’s ending track.   “Ambulance” is a riveting song about surviving a broken heart.  Stacy’s vocals are near perfect and drenched in emotion.

“The Valley” is arguably Eisley’s strongest release to date.  From beginning to end, the album is one cohesive piece but has enough diversity throughout to keep it from becoming monotonous.   It is definitely worth a listen.

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