Back to the East Coast

Last week in Los Angeles: my only concern at the moment is the time difference and jet lag that I will have to bear as I head for home. I want my last week to be packed full of things to do and soaking up the west coast.

Saturday was the AVP tournament, which is for the “big wigs” of volleyball players. Kristen and I got there and found out that there was tons of free stuff. Never one to miss out on the swag, we ended up taking home two bags full of goodies. As we were leaving someone said that Kerri Walsh, the Olympic volleyball player, was at the event. She had just had her baby, and every woman there was disgusted to see that you couldn’t even tell.
*She is the one on the right..farther from the crowd.

California has tons of rules, they should probably make a rule book to hand to you as you get off the plane. For example:

  • Rule 1: Always wear high heels and makeup.
  • Rule 2: Honk your horn as much as possible when you drive.
  • Rule 3: You can’t talk on your cellphone, BUT you can have it on speaker phone in your hand, just not by your ear.

Kristen and I found this out and thought this was the most ridiculous rule in the world! We were on Sunset Bouleveard in stop-and-go traffic, and she was talking to our friend David. A cop pulls up on her left and is just smiling at her weirdly. I say, “Kristen that guy is either checking you out or is a weirdo.” She looks over to see him and flashes her smile, and his drops instantly and he has a terrible frown on his face. We both go “OH!” as he clenches his fists and makes a phone sign with his hands and tells her to put down the phone. Kristen and I both scream and she throws her phone at my feet. The cop drives on and we start laughing at how we reacted. Kristen then picks up her phone and continues her conversation with David, without putting it on speaker. Minutes pass by and I look at my right and there is the cop again giving us the death stare. Once again, we scream and throw our hands all around and the phone gets tossed in the back seat. Finally, she grabs it again and puts it on speaker as the cops pass us for the third time.

My last day at work was bittersweet. Most of the interns I had worked with the whole summer had left, and I was the last one to depart. My experience at P3R Publicity was amazing and filled with opportunities that I appreciated every day. The work was tough but I grew from the experience, and opened it up so many doors. I received the NY Fashion Week internship and will be going there in September. I met so many people and saw so many great portfolio pieces. If you guys are reading this, I want to thank you for choosing me for this position and for all the wonderful lessons you taught me.

Celebrity Sighting
I saw Jessica Alba at Starbucks! I was too embarrassed to ask for her picture, so I took it sneakily and all I got was her feet. Sorry guys!

On my last night, a couple of my friends and I went to a BeBe fall fashion show in Hollywood. It was PACKED! As soon as we got through the four check points I saw Tamara Mowry from “Sister Sister!” My childhood was complete. I sang the theme song, and my friend Kristen had to put her hand over my mouth to keep me from embarrassing her. After the fashion show, the famous singer (I don’t remember his name) who sings “We Run LA.” did a song and the place burst into a dance party. Since dancing is my favorite thing in the world to do, it was the perfect way to end my summer.


This summer was an experience that I won’t forget, and I want to thank the people who helped me get through the summer by supporting me financially and sending me mail full of hope and love. I don’t know if I will be back there once I finish Flagler, but it is a definite possibility.

Here is a beautiful sunset at the beach!

I feel like a should end with a proverb or say, “Reach for the sky and achieve your dreams!” But that is lame. This summer was a blessing, and I hope that all of you have great success in what you want to do and where you want to go after college. Go class of 2010!

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