The Candidates’ Playlists

By Taylor Toothman |

Is there anyone out there by now who doesn’t know who the two presidential candidates are? I seriously doubt it.

But I also seriously doubt that most people know who the two presidential candidates are. Music taste can say a lot about a person.

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is obviously a tunes-lovin’ man.

He credits R&B legend Stevie Wonder as a major inspiration, and has shaken his groove thing on Ellen Degeneres’ show.

However, one wonders what the senator jams to in the privacy of his iPod. I did not have the pleasure of asking Mr. Obama what is on his personal playlist, so here’s what the big whigs at Blender got out of him:

  1. Fugees- “Ready Or Not”
  2. Marvin Gaye- “What’s Going On”
  3. Bruce Springsteen- “I’m On Fire”
  4. Rolling Stones- “Gimme Shelter”
  5. Nina Simone- “Sinnerman”
  6. Kanye West- “Touch The Sky”
  7. Frank Sinatra- “You’d Be So Easy To Love”
  8. Aretha Franklin- “Think”
  9. U2- “City Of Blinding Lights”
  10. “Yes We Can”

For the most part, Republicans have a hard time gaining coolness points.

Many Americans view them as money-loving religious extremists who hate polar bears. And as ice cold as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is (Get it? Batman? Yeah, I’ve tried to forget that, too.), it may be presidential candidate John McCain’s music playlist that does the trick to further the hip factor of the GOP.

Sure it’s old-school, but so is he. At least there’s no Lawrence Welk. Take a look at this:

  1. ABBA- “Dancing Queen”
  2. Roy Orbison- “Blue Bayou”
  3. ABBA- “Take A Chance On Me”
  4. Merle Haggard- “If We Make It Through December”
  5. Dooley Wilson- “As Time Goes By”
  6. The Beach Boys- “Good Vibrations”
  7. Louis Armstrong- “What A Wonderful World”
  8. Frank Sinatra- “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”
  9. Neil Diamond- “Sweet Caroline”
  10. The Platters- “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

I don’t know about you, but I’m honestly torn. I love but I’m also the biggest ABBA nerd ever.

If Obama and McCain could maybe put aside their differences and focus on their mutual love of Frank Sinatra, the world would be a happy place.
I hope you don’t let this new musical information sway your vote this November. Though, I for one will be voting to change the national anthem to “Dancing Queen.” Who’s with me?

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