Men’s Basketball prepares for DII

D.J. Ferguson and the rest of the basketball team look forward to their first season of full fledged NCAA Div. II play

With new rules on practice, the team is finding out how they can prepare

By Kate Shoaf |

A new season means major changes for the men’s basketball team here at Flagler College.

As the latest addition to the NCAA Div. II South region, Flagler’s sports teams are still adapting to the new rules that now apply to them.

Kyle Cregan, assistant coach of the men’s basketball team, said there are now certain limitations the team must face and that they have had to learn how to be “more time efficient.”

“The NCAA limits our practice time, eight hours a week before the season starts and 20 hours a week during the season,” Cregan said about the biggest change the team has faced.

Another major change this year is the recruiting process. Flagler has expanded its recruiting efforts as far as Colorado for the first time in the program’s history.

Cregan said normally Head Coach Bo Clark focuses on getting players from Orlando and Jacksonville, but becoming part of the NCAA has compelled coaches to “step out of the box” and recruit players from all over the country.

National recruiting is a measure that all Flagler teams will soon be adapting to with the more competitive atmosphere of Div. II athletics.

Cregan said the team is working toward reaching the post season. In order to make it, the team will have to be one of the top ranking schools in the Southern region.

Kenny Moore, sophomore forward, said, “The competition is going to be more intense this season, but we have five new recruits. We will definitely be as good as last year if not better.”

The Saints have to be better this season if they hope to contend against the new and old rivals.

John Pietkiewicz, sophomore captain and guard, shared his view of the upcoming season: “We are very excited about this year. We know we have a very tough schedule, but we are young and talented, and will hopefully have a successful season.”

Although many of the teams the school faced last year will be the same, there will be some new challenges as well. Some of the teams not faced in the past are Carver Bible College, the University of Montevallo and Tusculum College.

Another year of Saints basketball is set to begin, and this year the team has a postseason to work toward.

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