One-Way Ticket to the Future

You know that feeling like a calm before the storm, when you know some really big life change is about to happen, but everything seems strangely normal and you’re just sitting around waiting for the world to shake up? I feel like that these days. All the time.

Summer school is over (thank goodness; grad school is HARD) and I have a total of 15 days and 37 minutes left in the States. I was so relieved to leave the West Coast, it just feels different to me, and that LA earthquake freaked me out! I have never experienced an earthquake before, and I hope never to again. It was actually quite hilarious, in retrospect, because us East Coasters were scrambling around looking for “solid ground” while the California natives laughed and waited it out. My university was about 30 miles from the epicenter, so we just felt the outer shakes, but that was enough to scare a Florida girl!

In less shaky news, I got my visa! It was overnighted from China and really arrived overnight. That little piece of paper made it all the way around the world in 24 hours. I was really impressed.

Several of my classmates have left already for their stations across Eastern China. Getting their reports back home is fun. Hearing their reports about frog soup, getting lost on the subway, and figuring out the mundane aspects of life like setting up internet and getting a Chinese phone number makes me even more excited to get there!

I’m spending my days watching the Olympics and soaking in the little aspects of my American life that will be gone before I know it; like eating hamburgers, walking my dogs, and being with my friends in person. I’m enjoying this calm and trying to relish every moment.

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