‘Lost’ actor talks to Flagler students

By Kelsey Mayid | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Michael Emerson is an award-winning American actor who has starred onstage, in movies, and currently plays Ben Linus on the hit television series Lost. He also happens to be a good friend of Flagler art professor Don Martin.

On Oct. 25, 12 lucky students in Martin’s Creativity: Art of Possibility class got to interview Emerson during a conference call in the Heade art studio. Emerson was in Hawaii, filming the new season of Lost.

Before Martin made the call, many of students were jittery, excited, and even nervous. “We’re a little star-struck,” one student said. But as soon as Emerson was on the phone, everyone was very professional.

Each student asked Emerson a question related to what they were learning in class, seeking advice, or about Lost. In response, Emerson shared information about his background, his career, his habits, and words of wisdom.

“Do the things you really believe in,” Emerson told the class. “Hard work, study and some sensitivity will let you pursue the things you want.”
Before he became an actor, Emerson worked as an illustrator for magazines. He credits the discipline and attention to detail he developed as an artist, as well as over 50 years of life experience to helping him be a better actor.

Like the characters he plays, Emerson sounded intelligent and articulate.

“It’s interesting to find out about the personality behind who you just think of as the character,” senior art major Matt Watson said after the interview. “Connecting the pieces between him as a person and him as a character was really cool.”

As part of the Creativity course, Martin and his students will be interviewing artists, actors and musicians over the rest of the semester.

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