Collins is new SGA president

By Danielle Marsh

The results are in for the SGA run off elections: Brandon Collins will be heading the SGA as president. Alana Cadiz won the election for treasurer and joins Kaitlyn Mairs as vice president and Chris Lauth as secretary.

With only $50 to use for their second campaign, the two students looked for ways to use their money creatively.

Cadiz handed out oatmeal pies and stood by the polls talking to students and encouraging them to vote. Collins had another approach. He personally handed out daisies to the female voters on campus, and gave them a listening ear for the issues that they would like to see resolved.

When talking about his new position and what he plans to do in the future, Collins said, “I will be growing upon what the presidents in the past have done.”

He also holds respect for his opponents, who did not win the election.

“Every person that ran was a leader, and any one of them could fill the role just as well as I could,” he said.

But how does he feel about the rest of the executive committee?

“It will be hard being a leader among leaders,” Collins commented.

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