The beach gets a little green

Photo by Amy Kingsnorth
McKnight’s Little Ireland brings a taste of the Irish to Anastasia Island.

By Jennifer Ware

Those of you who are fans of McKnight’s Irish Pub on Cathedral Place downtown should check out owner Roy Lumke’s newest restaurant, McKnight’s Little Ireland that just opened on the island a few weeks ago.

It is a very charming and casual restaurant just off Anastasia Boulevard right after you cross the Bridge of Lions. They serve Irish-American cuisine and have a full-service dinner theater which makes dining a fun experience to enjoy with the crowd.

The atmosphere is very casual and welcoming. The bar area is the perfect place to enjoy good food with good company, or you can venture into the Celtic Café where they have movie night and other entertainment such as Irish dancers, comedy, Irish Trivia Night and live Irish music on the weekends.

If you’re lucky enough to drop in on movie night like I did, McKnight’s will play some movies that go great with dinner. The owners bought the rights to 400 short films and show about four of them in a night on the big screen.

While dining, you can watch a few short films from Dreamland Productions such as “Dog Years,” “Six and the City,” “Tacklebox” and “I am Stamos.” The dinner theater and other entertainment make the dining experience fun and unique.

Their most popular dishes include Shepherd’s Pie, Fish and Chips, and their famous Irish Whiskey Cake for dessert, a delicious favorite since its debut last St. Patrick’s day.

The traditional Irish surroundings and the laid-back atmosphere make McKnight’s Little Ireland a good laid-back place to grab dinner with friends and enjoy all the fun activities and welcoming service they have to offer.

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