Sunshine still up in the air

By Megan Kramer

While Flagler College’s move to the NCAA is official, where it will fall in Div. II remains unknown. While Flagler has explored the Sunshine State Conference, a final decision is in a holding pattern.

The first decision that has to be made is whether or not it would be advisable for the SSC to expand, according to Flagler College President William Abare Jr. He said the decision should be made sometime in January or February.

If the conference decides to expand, then they will have to decide how many colleges they will admit. Only after these decisions will Flagler College be considered for membership. The decision is not based solely on sports, but different criteria that the presidents decide on.

According to Flagler College Athletic Director Dave Barnett, Palm Beach Atlantic is the only other school actively seeking membership in the SSC.

If, however, the conference does not expand or choose Flagler, then there are other possible routes that can be taken. Abare said the school could join a conference in Georgia or South Carolina.

“We prefer the Sunshine State Conference, though, so our teams will not have to travel as far,” Abare said. Another possible route would be for Flagler College to create their own conference.

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