Hall brings home the gold in martial arts competition

By Taylor H. Wilson

This summer Flagler College Professor Wanda Hall tackled the competition and brought home a second gold medal for her Tai Chi skills at the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando.

Hall placed first in the women’s division of Push Hands. Hall had competed in 2004 taking home the silver medal, and then came back in 2005 winning the gold.

Hall began practicing Tai Chi in 2002 after being impressed by a past student’s Tai Chi skills. Hall was so impressed by the “beauty and strength” of Tai Chi that she began taking classes herself.
Practicing Tai Chi two hours a day, for four rigorous years now is not enough for Hall. She also teaches others her love for the art of Tai Chi. Hall said it has changed her life. It helps her to stay fit and healthy. She has now lost an astonishing 115 pounds, and thanks to Tai Chi she is able to keep it off.

Hall applies the art of Tai Chi in all aspects of her life. She believes the art makes her more calm, patient and self confident.

“We can only teach what we are,” Hall said. “So as I become stronger, so does my teaching.”

She says the art of Tai Chi may look easy, but is actually very difficult and takes a lot of concentrationOrlando’s International Chinese Martial Arts Championship has been the only competition Hall has competed in thus far. She plans to take her skills to Texas next year and blow the competition away.

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