Going to the chapel and I’m the only one not getting married

Everyone I work with is either getting married or having kids. And I mean everyone. (Just work with me here. I’m exaggerating for dramatic effect.)

Seriously though, in the last three weeks, no less than three couples have gotten hitched and more are planning to tie the knot yet this year. You’d think being one of the last single, childless women on campus would make me bitter, but something amazing happened at the only one of these weddings I was able to attend. I cried.

That’s right – laugh if you will, but I am not embarrassed. I had tears in my eyes. And I wasn’t the only one.

The funny thing is I have never cried at a wedding before. Quite frankly, I attribute that to the fact that I have never been familiar with both the bride and groom before. But in this case both are very good friends of mine. Even the officiant was a friend. Before she could ask the couple to repeat their vows, all three of us – me, the bride and the officiant were all crying.

But I was crying because I was truly happy for my friends. They are perfect for each other. They are ridiculously silly and love to laugh. They have dozens of friends who they love to spend time with (which is always a good measure of what kind of person you are). And they truly love each other. It’s obvious. They respect each other and really enjoy each other’s company.

And as I sat there, tears in my eyes, all I could think is I hope I find something equally as amazing. And for the first time in my life, I really feel like I will. And I’m no longer bitter or pessimistic about the prospect of marriage. I am just happy for my friends. Love is a beautiful thing.

So here’s to you Mrs. Palmer (oh, yeah…your husband too). I hope you have an amazing life together.

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