Reading center opened for Flagler students

By Brittany Hackett

Flagler College is offering a new service to students who feel overwhelmed with academics.

The new Reading Center provides help to students who want to improve study skills, such as time management, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Dr. James Jasper runs the Center. Jasper, an adjunct professor at Flagler, believes all students can benefit from the Reading Center.

“It’s a standard procedure for good students who want to be better students,” Jasper said.
According to Jasper, a Reading Center is necessary for Flagler because of its atmosphere of higher learning. “Because the collegiate experience becomes more challenging, students become incompatible with the text book,” Jasper said.

The Reading Center’s main goal is to help students with reading comprehension and critical analysis, skills that Jasper feels are essential for academic success.

“Reading is one of four lifelong processes that are important to the success of a person in a community or workplace,” Jasper said. The other three processes are listening, speaking, and writing, all of which Jasper claims are linked to reading.

In addition to comprehension and critical thinking exercises, the Reading Center can also help students improve in areas of test taking and speed-reading. The Center offers a variety of books and software for student use. The quiet atmosphere allows students to either study individually or participate in small group sessions or workshops.

The Reading Center is located in Kenan Hall in room 341. It is open Monday through Thursday during the morning, though the hours vary each day. For more information contact Jasper at

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