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Reaction to Michael Sam reveals media hypocrisy

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By Hannah Bleau |

As an avid football fan, I was surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestly, I didn’t think it deserved that much attention. Last time I checked, most football fans don’t care about the love life of the players.

The entire situation is a marvelous display of progressive hypocrisy. Anyone remember Tim Tebow, the man who shamelessly expressed his devotion to God? Though Tebow was continuously mocked for his beliefs and actions, the NFL never made a big deal out of it.

I’ve also heard the counter argument: “NFL players weren’t mean to Tebow! No one discriminated against him! No one made fun of him!”

Of course discrimination occurred. Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t seen nasty tweets and comments about Tim Tebow?

The difference is the mainstream media didn’t care, so no one heard about it. Tebow also didn’t whine like a baby when someone made fun of his beliefs, and that goes for most followers of Christ. Christians know who they are and they’re used to society hating them for it.

Unfortunately, having a relationship with God and the concept of absolute truth in general is totally unpopular in today’s society and culture. The media is backwards.

Back to the NFL and the fans, I have a great idea. Let’s see how many times players get in trouble for “offending” Sam or the gay community in the next year. After all, it has already started. Don Jones, safety for the Miami Dolphins, has already been penalized for negative tweets towards Sam and he’s not the only one getting in trouble.

Defensive end at Florida State University, DeMarcus Walker, tweeted something else out that has caused a stir.


It’s sad because it’s true. I definitely don’t think Tim Tebow should have received a medal of honor for writing John 3:16 on his face, but why does Michael Sam get called a hero for kissing his boyfriend?

The answer is simple. There’s a complete double standard. When people disagreed with Tebow’s acts of faith, they were never questioned. But now, one player has already been penalized for expressing his thoughts on Sam’s kissing picture. Not only is that totally unfair, but it makes no sense. If criticism of Tebow was considered “freedom of expression and thought”, why is criticism of Sam’s picture deemed as “homophobic hate speech?”

Don’t get me wrong. I have no ill will towards gay people, but if you find all your identity in your sexual orientation and have to flaunt it absolutely all the time, there must be another underlying issue.

If the gay community really wants to be treated the same, then why aren’t we treating them the same? Why does one of the last players to be drafted get a bunch of special attention? Why did ESPN find it necessary to show Sam kissing his boyfriend? If the gay community wants to be treated the same, they should stop expecting special treatment.

Why is it that someone can express their thoughts on everything BUT anything to do with the gay community? Having an opinion that goes against the mainstream doesn’t automatically make you a bigot or a homophobe.

I’m really disappointed to see the PC police on the prowl in the NFL. I don’t care if Michael Sam is gay, and I hope he gets a fair shot in NFL, but I’m sick of the media’s manipulative mind games. I don’t want to see the media fawning over him kissing his gay lover. If it helps, I don’t care to see any of the other players make out with their girlfriends either.

The truth is, being gay doesn’t make you a hero. It’s the media that’s obsessed with it. Prove yourself to be a good football player with good character and you’ll gain respect, but it’s ridiculous to expect everyone to shower Sam with compliments and admiration just because he’s gay. He should be held to the same standard as everyone else.

Some people say they don’t like Tim Tebow because he’s not a good football player and that’s fine. Watch what will happen if Michael Sam turns out to be a lousy player. I can see the reaction now: “You just don’t like him because he’s gay!”

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Reaction to Michael Sam reveals media hypocrisy Reviewed by on . By Hannah Bleau | As an avid football fan, I was surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestl By Hannah Bleau | As an avid football fan, I was surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestl Rating: 0

Comments (33)

  • Lux

    The glaring issue is the fact that you cry “Foul” over Sam kissing his boyfriend and yet you’ve never raised a problem over other players kissing their girlfriends and wives.

    And for every supporter of Sam, there had been frothing, inchoate rage. Even before Sam’s kiss aired, it was reported that at least one team withdrew Sam from a their potential draft.

    Here’s a suggestion, if want to treat us the same as everyone, then treat us the same. Which means allowing Sam to exist as a homosexual, openly, without either fanfare or condemnation. And if you’re going to criticize a homosexual kiss then you better be prepared to criticize every heterosexual kiss, as well.

    Treating us as normal is a two-way street.

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  • Notzrim

    The cartoon tells the truth as does the Bible. “They love darkness more than light”. I call it ABJ. Give us anything but Jesus in modern day society. If you can’t figure out why a man’s penis is not made for another man’s anus maybe you should watch the video on you tube. The Ashen Remains of Sodom and Gomorrah. How soon the wicked forget the wages for sin.

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  • Andrew

    Thank you for posting this and Joe Lyons for the spirited, thoughtful comments. I wish you had been writing when I was at Flagler – nobody with a conservative voice made it in the Gargoyle. Typically, they were silenced by the ‘tolerant’ left. I know, I made the mistake of writing to Folio about Dan Stewart and club Unity and had calls from the club to be publicly shamed. Member of the club went so far as to begin asking members of the administration who I was/where I was on campus.

    As I read the comments from those who disagree with you, it’s abundantly clear, they are not tolerant. They resort to name calling and smear campaigns. There’s nothing of substance in what they say.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Joe Lyons

    @ ‘D’

    Well don’t you feel a little bit, well ….teee heee

  • Hannah

    Hi ‘D’,
    Just wanted to let you know that this article was written before the Matt Walsh article came out. But thank you! His article is absolutely fantastic, and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. Great minds think alike I guess! 🙂

  • Throwin' bows

    Watty?… Really!?… No one put you down and no one is oppressing you in this article or on this message board…If you really want victim statis move to Iran or anywhere in the Middle East except Israel and you can be a real victim ( they hang and stone homosexuals in the streets.) that’s real oppression. Stop enjoying your overindulgent victim hood and realize that what we have is a polite moral impass.

  • *d.*

    You basically paraphrased everything from this Matt Walsh blog:

    Typical hack writing.

  • Jeremy

    @Joe Lyons
    Consider Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. All three are Christians, and all three have been the subject of considerable praise from the media. If Tebow had been able to play like any of those guys, he would have been praised as well.

  • Watty

    Being tolerant of those who want to oppress you is not a quality I posses. I love folks who disagree with me; I just won’t stand for those who put me down. As I assume you wouldn’t either. And my generalized attributes to others was done in celebration of the same tactic used by the author of this article.

  • Throwin' bows

    Ohhh! I get it watty.. You only have to be tolerant towards people who agree with your views… Very convienent. I guess that’s a big advantage of being your own moral compass. And I see that you also get attribute unstated motives and attribute unknown emotions towards people you disagree with to strengthen your point. Another great tool for pushing your progressive drivel……

  • watty

    I love when conservatives throw down that progressives are not progressive because we don’t put up with intolerance. Right. Being open minded doesn’t mean yo accept everything.
    I truly get this author’s anger at feeling that Christians are oppressed. I understand it because Christians spend their time oppressing gays. If Christians like this one had it their way they would oppress those they deemed sinners and the “sinners” would just smile and say thank you. But if they fight back. the Christians cry foul and write whiney articles about having to see someone kiss another person they love.Instead of writing an article about how to make the world a better place lets instead put our time into a kiss and how upset we are because the media told a story about a “first.” Hey lady, the first time something happens . . . it gets reported.
    If you were truly enlightened maybe you could have written an article saying how upset it made you to see how people treated Tebow, so you would not do the same to someone else. Instead you threw a fit and acted like a baby. Just like Jesus would have done.

  • Joe Lyons

    @ WUT,

    You should write a rebuttal opine and submit to the paper!! Ya know something less embarrassing than what got published!

  • Joe Lyons

    @ Jeremy;

    Lets talk about your statement “Tim Tebow was criticized for his performance”.


    The fact of the matter is all of the hype came after his pronouncement of faith. Heisman QB’s historically do poorly in the NFL so you simply weren’t thinking when you wrote that statement.

  • Joe Lyons

    How would you phrase this question out of the two choices.

    #1. Is Michael Sam the first 7th round draftee to score an endorsement deal for money because he is gay?


    #2. Is Michael Sam the first 7th round draftee to score an endorsement because he has media-fied the fact?

    No special treatment? That’s precious!!

  • wut

    ” If the gay community wants to be treated the same, they should stop expecting special treatment.”

    “Not only is that totally unfair, but it makes no sense.”

    How did this get published? I’m embarrassed that this came from my college.

  • Jeremy

    Tim Tebow was ridiculed because his performance on the field didn’t justify the level of publicity he received. This would have happened no matter what his religious beliefs were. Just watch what happens to Johnny Manziel if he doesn’t live up to the hype either.

    Whether you support Michael Sam or you don’t, you can’t deny that he is breaking new ground by being the first openly gay player in the NFL. If Tebow had been the first openly Christian player in NFL history, he would have been treated the same way. But in a league where entire teams gather in prayer before and after games, you can’t make the argument that Tebow broke new ground.

  • Save It

    I am ashamed to say we share the same college matriculation. I have seen nobody label Sam a hero, and truly if they have then they are just as outlandish as you. I LOVE it when moronic individuals such as yourself, with no real base for an argument, decide to pull ‘the Tebow Defense.’ Nobody ever told Tebow to ‘cool it with the Christianity.’ There is no way around the fact that you’re coming up with that defense in an effort to solidify the fact that you think homosexuality is ‘wrong’, ‘immoral’ or whatever other borderline bigoted speech you decide to use.

    Tremendous comment about how ‘they should stop expecting special treatment.’ Who the hell asked for this? This was a historic event and was covered as such. However your feelings, right, wrong or indifferent, this was the first openly gay player in the NFL, let alone the first openly gay player to be drafted in ANY SPORT. Yeah, maybe the kissing became excessive. But last I checked you still held the remote in your hand. Last I checked, you’re the one holding that beautiful tablet in your hand pressing the play button on the video. Spare me that you’re an ‘avid football fan.’

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  • Throwin' bows

    It’s so obvious when someone questions one of the holy sacraments of the progressive religion. The self proclaimed most tolerant, most open minded, most free thinking people on earth ( progressive /liberals) loose ther everlovin’ minds. Then rant, ramble and name call. Loosing credibility in those self labeled attributes to everyone but themselves…

  • Joe Lyons

    @ Yourekiddingright;

    You claim from your quote;

    “Gays have restricted rights, Christians do not.”

    Lets talk about this;

    Here are some things Christians can’t do,
    Share their faith in public education, workforce or government.
    Christians can not invoke any protected status against a hate crime.
    Christians may not refer to a Christian Holiday as such in a work environment. (some companies)
    Christian Pastors may not endorse political candidates by name.
    Christians may not possess bibles in public schools openly. (Some school districts)
    Christians may not object to sensitivity training at work which is their right under the 1st Amendment, though some have and have been fired for it.

    These are just a few things Christians can NOT do that gay people or anyone in the homosexual community may do.

    Restricted rights for Gays? Please name 1? By the way marriage straight or gay is not a constitutionally guaranteed right anywhere in the constitution so spare me the whole marriage diatribe.

  • Joe Lyons

    @ David Matulewicz

    You are just everywhere except where the conversation is aren’t you? The author of the article wouldn’t call a heterosexuals lover anything because his or her “lover” probably wouldn’t be a focal point of the celebration.

    You progressives make me laugh, you call foul on something that would never pertain to another circumstance i.e. a hetero sexual couples affection for each other. Get a clue man! As far as this being a teachable moment, teachable for who? What paper do you write for?

    Finally, if you want to be in denial that it’s not fair game when it comes to anything westernized, Christian or traditional then you are living in a fantasy land. Even the African American (black) community won’t get on board this boat, they know what a stigmatism is and what true oppression is through their birth color or status, you show your true ignorance when you compare the black struggle or Chinese struggle to the gay struggle. It’s very insulting to members of races who’s ancestors actually had to suffer.

    Shame on you sir!

  • David Matulewicz

    This article is one of the most disappointing and homophobic things I have seen come out of a Flagler College since the battle to create Club Unity back in 2007-2008. Although having an opinion outside the mainstream doesn’t automatically render you a ‘bigot’ or ‘homophobe,’ merely writing that “[you] have no ill will towards gay people,” is insufficient to insulate you from the bigotry expressed by this article.

    This article purports to be a commentary on the media, while it is really just a reflection of your own discomfort with homosexual relationships. You accuse homosexuals of having “underlying issues[s]” and “flaunt[ing] it absolutely all the time.” You impart these same qualities by Michael Sam, calling him out for “kissing his gay lover,” on television.

    I am sure you will simply view my criticism, and the criticism that I am sure you will hear in the coming days from your peers, as yet another example of the “hypocrisy;” or of the “PC Police” coming to get you, but keep in mind, the real double standard here is yours. Would you have referred to a heterosexual player’s partner as a “lover” in your article? Would you have called a similar celebration between another player and his girlfriend “flaunting it?”

    You are at Flagler College to further your education. I hope this is a teachable moment.

  • YoureKiddingRight

    Is this chick for real? When, exactly was being christian equivalent to being gay?
    This comparison is completely bigoted and exactly the reason that it SHOULD be a momentous occasion.
    If this was Tom Brady and Giselle the media would be all over it as well. Of COURSE players’ personal lives are called to attention by the media. Except for when they murder someone, but thats neither here nor there.

    Gays have restricted rights. Christians do not. Therein lies the problem with this entire article.
    Frankly, I’m shocked this bigoted piece was even published.

  • Concerned Reader

    2 questions:

    (1) How does the author know that Michael Sam isn’t a Christian?

    (2) Is it the author’s opinion that seeing a professional football player thank God and Jesus after a touchdown is a RARE occurrence? Sure to be met with ridicule from the sports box?

    Hmm. Perhaps Tebow wasn’t being criticized for saying he was Christian, but for something else. I wonder what that could be? I suspect the author is conflating Tebow’s religious beliefs with political views. Of course, Tebow is entitled to his political views . . . and people are entitled to criticize him. Both of those are aspects of the free speech that the author correctly cherishes.

  • Joe B.O.D Lyons

    Good article, and I think it strikes at something deeper than what’s on the surface. People aren’t so offended by a person like Tim Tebow as they are what he believes in. You can cut the discomfort with a knife when you see TV personalities ask a Christian celebrity a question and the answer involves any form of a theistic deity. Christ, God or any synonymous name.

    I love seeing their faces tense up and bodies start to squirm. It’s amazing how the name of God strikes such contempt into certain people.

  • TheSkeptic

    “As an avid football fan…”

    “Honestly, I didn’t think it deserved that much attention. Last time I checked, most football fans don’t care about the love life of the players.”

    So, let me write a diatribe on a media outlet about it… (sigh)

  • Jesus's Rock

    Some citizens of the United States were once denied constitutionally guaranteed rights. For example, women were denied the right to vote until 1920. Further, women once could not hold a job, attend college, learn to read or write, and certainly not publish an article in the news paper. How did women obtain aforementioned rights you may ask? Picketing, protests, and media coverage. Here is another example, blacks could not use the same public spaces as whites. What changed this you might ask? Picketing, protests, and media attention.

    Now let me answer your rhetorical questions:
    “If the gay [insert: women, black, hispanic et al] community really wants to be treated the same, then why aren’t we treating them the same?
    Because the “community” is being denied equal status in the eyes of the law, so “we” don’t have to treat them the same and “we” as a society are not treating them equally.

    “Why does one of the last players to be drafted get a bunch of special attention?”
    Because he is openly gay in a “community” of heterosexual, mostly white, religious sports fans who generally ‘disagree’ with non-heterosexual lifestyles (unless it’s lesbian porn).

    “Why did ESPN find it necessary to show Sam kissing his boyfriend?
    Because picketing, protests, and media attention have historically led to equal rights for second class citizens. The media has also shown women voting and blacks drinking out of a “whites only” fountain! Like, whoa!

    “If the gay [insert: women, black, hispanic] community wants to be treated the same, they should stop expecting special treatment.” I know! All this special treatment is like “a marvelous display of progressive hypocrisy.” Progressive values are really getting out of control, I liked it better when women could not write or publish. 1 Timothy 2:12 “I do not permit a woman to teach…she must remain silent.” Amen.

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